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Monday, March 05, 2018



I never thought about this particular Bible story this way -- I always like to hear different interpretations. My daughter is currently 13, 14 in May, and is not a believer. We've taken her to church since she was a babe in arms, she went to Sunday School, Vacation Bible School. She's heard our testimonies of faith. But for now, it is not her truth. She wants to come on Christmas and Easter because it is a part of our family tradition. I had originally told her we would have her come through middle school and then make her own choice, but this year -- eighth grade -- we really haven't been making her come. When we forced her to come, she was angry and resentful and by the time we got to church, so was I. I was always late for choir warm-up and I hated arguing every Sunday. So, I've let it go. I hope, like me, she will come to God in her own way. I didn't join the church until I was 18.

Mel Bell

Oh my gosh, Amy, this is the only discussion of this story that hasn't made me physically ill. I remember the last Sunday School lesson I sat through on this topic. I felt completely incapable of expressing my feelings, even though the class was very small, because I didn't have any positive spin to put on them. It would have been pure anger. While I'm still not sure about the God of the Old Testament and where I stand in my belief, I like the idea of looking at the stories through fresh eyes and allowing new impressions to come. I love that you were brave enough to teach from your own perspective. I got to the point at church where I could either stay silent or, to borrow your words, put the coat on and be Pretend Me. Neither was working for me. I'm also trying to allow my children their own beliefs as they get old enough to understand. It's scary. But I love the idea of putting our relationships above worrying about faith and religion. Thanks for sharing. :)

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