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Thursday, April 11, 2019



heh. i'm still blogging, since 1999. so maybe i am not one to comment. but my blog has always been about me. it's gone through as many iterations and changes as i have but i still use it to refer back to my old posts all the time and it still makes me happy so for as long as those things continue to be true, i will continue to have it. i miss the longer, more thoughtful posts i used to write, not for the attention, but because it helped me articulate my own thoughts.

as for social media, FB is out for me, i just don't like it except for the two groups i don't use it. i do like instagram but i will say all the book people i follow are all posting about the free books they get, after a while i am not sure if any of the content is honest so i worry. so it depends on what you're looking for i guess and depends on what makes you happy.

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