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Wednesday, June 19, 2019



I think many people can relate to this. I know I can. I will join you. I'm not on IG, but I sm on FB.

Laura Cushman

Okay - I'm going to go for it. I can do 30 minutes.

Julie Edholm

Amy, I skim through FB without really stopping and reading posts, but I read yours today. Thank you for posting, this is what I so need. I printed out the chart and, more importantly I am committing to use it! Since I've moved to Wyoming I joined the small Health Club here and attended the weight lifting class. I was consistent for nearly four years and felt great! Then I developed bone spurs under my Achilles, wore a boot for too long, and just never got back to it. Plus the fact that my husband and I decided it was too expensive (which it is). I tried different apps and tried to run on my own with no success. I'm smack in the middle of menopause and the hot flashes and headaches and sleepless nights really caught up with me and all motivation to eat well and exercise left. I decided I could like my "new" body and not worry about being healthy. The problem is I felt crappy, except when I was eating. That snowballed into binge eating and soon I felt the telltale signs of the eating disorder than I thought I left in the dust back in my teens emerge it's ugly head. It all came to a head when I went in for my yearly exam and found out my cholesterol is high. That brings me to today where I am attempting to eat a Keto diet. Sigh. Not fun. I did well for three days, lost half a pound, and just ruined it when my daughter who just returned from Scotland and Ireland gave me some chocolate to try.
So, Amy, your post is what I needed today. I need to exercise. I need to enjoy my body, but I do need to change it too. I want to live a long life being active with my family. Thanks for sharing your struggles.


In that picture I see two happy woman on top of an f-ing mountain!


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