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Wednesday, July 31, 2019



As I confessed in my comment on the previous post, my July was full of excuses not to exercise. August WILL be better! It's also been full of dealing with a not-so-nice person at work, who hasn't been mean to me, but is making a colleague's life hell. I've been brave and lodged a formal complaint with HR. My July has been full of not-enough-progress-on-the-house, but also with a realisation that it doesn't really matter. We have a fixed price contract so if it goes over time it's not us who pays the extra. We have decided not to move in until after we're back from the US so now we feel very Zen about the house build (well, some of the time anyway). My July has been full of family birthdays (BIL's, niece's 21st,) and family gatherings to celebrate them (which I enjoyed while also feeling a bit overwhelmed by all-of-the-people). My July hasn't been filled with as much creativity as I'd have liked, but I did make 4 scrapbook pages and started another. I am SO looking forward to the time when I have a craft desk and supplies at hand again (which is one of the reasons I can't be Zen all the time about the slow progress on our build!).

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