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Friday, July 12, 2019



Re: "you can plan, you can make goals, you can imagine how you think things will turn out. In reality you’re not always in charge and it doesn’t go the way you imagined:" a month or two ago, a patient challenged me to write a poem. I haven't started it yet, but whenever I thought about it, the phrase, "And so it goes" kept coming to mind. Your words reminded me of that sentiment and that feeling. I think if I took time to write it out, I would come to your same conclusion about the next day, being refreshed and finding joy. It seems like perhaps I have come to that place internally, because "And so it goes" doesn't resonate with me like it did that month. And I am grateful for the shift. (And I'm writing this at nearly 1 a.m., so I'm not completely sure how much that made sense.) lol

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