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Tuesday, August 27, 2019



For what it’s worth, I felt less alone in the world after reading your post. The struggle to connect with people as an adult is real and I am often sad about it. You did a very brave thing and I hope you will try again soon!


The struggle is real for so many of us. I appreciate your willingness to put it out there..... Hoping you will try again soon.

Carmen Pauls Orthner

I am tribeless too, especially here in Canada - I felt like a tribe was forming a bit, back in South Africa, and now we are back in “our” country for the indefinite future though still hoping to return. I totally get how brave what you did was, and hope you will try again.


How frustrating--so close and yet so far. The struggle is real, especially for those of us that are introverts and shy. Try again, if you can. I know that when I at least try I feel stronger and braver, even if things don't work out as planned. Love that you are so open about sharing your heart.

Stefanie Smith

I identify with this post so much! I yearn for a tribe of my own and have for most of my life. Even more difficult when I see others around me surrounded with large groups of close friends. Thanks for sharing your truth and making me and many others feel less alone.


"Usually I can accept the fact that I do most things by myself. It’s when I am in visual sight of groups of friends that I realize: I don’t have a tribe. My existence is invisible."
This is relatable to me and a feeling I've felt but never put into words.


Feel your isolation. Maybe it’s more in your head than you think? Also,who needs friends who can’t even wait one minute!

Shannon @GirlsGotSole

As a single who has yet to find someone special, I feel alone sometimes. While I'm extroverted, I find myself feeling like I'm also isolated some days.
It can be hard to pull yourself up out of the fog, but you got yourself up and out there! Don't give up, try again. Believe that you are worth it, and keep trying!


I feel this. So much. I know and understand the need for bravery you are talking about. It’s not lame, it’s real. And sometimes I am brave enough to be the person who pulls others in. Sometime, since I have felt loneliness, I am better able to seek out the lonely. But other times, I just really need someone to do it for me.


You are so brave for trying to hook up with the hiking group and for sharing your experience here. I so admire you and sometimes feel the same way. Long ago I made the decision to isolate myself from others to prevent getting hurt (I lost my brother when I was 11), and 30 years later I don’t know how to relate to others beyond a casual relationship. Keep trying and know you are not alone in your feelings.

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