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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Your Favorite Little Sister

I did streak with you, or in tandem with you. I made a goal to make my step goal (8500 steps, btw) every day of the "summer" (once the kids were out of school.) I missed 3 days - one while we were traveling home from Hawaii, and two other randoms. But I made it all the other days. There were many, many nights of taking Willow for an extra walk around the block to get my steps in. But it was wonderful, and I've grown to really love walking.

I say AMEN on the strenght training. I suggest an interval timer - I have one on my watch. I improv doing some stuff (pushups, abs, planks, whatever) for 30 seconds then a little break of 10 seconds. It's only 10-13 minutes, but doing it time-based rather than rep based makes me love it. And it's fun to figure out the next move on the fly.

There's an antigravity yoga class I really want to try. Maybe you should join me!


I did the streak, and I'm calling it successful although I didn't get to walk or hike every day. Life got in the way with a death in the family and a few other things, but I was active most days and I am happy with that. Thanks for the motivation, Amy. Having a goal helped so much, as did following along with other ladies who took on the challenge. I may just try the strength training, too. Something I am sadly lacking in these last few years.


Are you going to go back to barre classes? They WERE fun!! It doesn't fit for me right now, or I'd do it with you.

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