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Thursday, November 07, 2019



The quilt looks lovely on the table, Amy. Those big girl pants look good on you too!
Richard doesn't understand quilting or scrapbooking either. I wish he did, but I've gone beyond worrying about that (most of the time).
We're unwrapping things that have been in storage for three and a half years. Some of them are things that I think "what on earth did I keep that for" but some are the quilts and albums. I know exactly why I kept those!

Andrea Baugh

I love the quilt. Lexi still sleeps with her quilt you made her. She still drags it out of bed every morning with her to breakfast. I know it might not make sense but, I love that when I tuck her in with it at night that there is some comfort there for me as well. The comfort and reminder that comes that there is people that care enough to take that time and effort for us.
Thank you for giving us both that.

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