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Wednesday, March 04, 2020


Cindy deRosier

Yes. All of this, yes.


You speak for so many of us, thank you.


You're absolutely right about trump and how he is viewed by (some - most? - of) the rest of the world. And the OWM thing.
Happy that NZ is an exception in that we have a young (white, but well-connected to Maoridom) woman as our Prime Minister. And that MMP, our electoral system, has delivered a leavening of 'different' members of parliament. But still there are more OWM there than any other group, and if you look at our local authorities they are overwhelmingly OWM. Wish we were even further down the track of diversity than we are, but oh so glad we're not America.


Politics suck and politicians are too often just in it for themselves and to get reelected. It is a very sad commentary on our country. How do "they" know "they" can't compete with the incumbent if we never give them a chance? Drives me nuts. Meanwhile, my state's primary is on March 17 and I will have to choose between two old white men. And in November, again. Sad and disappointing.

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