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Sunday, May 31, 2020



Beautifully written and well thought out. I appreciate how much effort you put into understanding yourself and the world around us.


This nonsense identity politics reminds of the "implicit bias training" that was in the news a couple of years ago. People have a short memory. In the US, it's the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) who've had a lot of influence. Some groups who've suffered at their hands: American Indians, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Catholics, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Germans, and Irish. I don't understand this garbage social justice warrior nonsense today. There this big focus in the media on blacks, trans, and liberal women. If you don't fall into that group (e.g. if you're an Irish Catholic), the media doesn't care about you and neither do the liberals. It's incoherent and idiotic. I think it's all intentional and people are so stupid they follow whatever NPR/FOX/MSNBC/CNN/Vox, etc. tells them.

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