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Thursday, June 25, 2020



Well put, Amy! I think it is valuable not just to read books but to read the thoughts of those who read books. That's why I'm here. (And you are a great writer.)


Books don't solve everything. You have to have a good moral formation and read the right kinds of books. It was the Protestant Revolution that wanted book printing and universal public education because they rejected all authority; they wanted to get rid of hierarchies. I think it's a bad idea to say, "more books" as if that will solve everything. Some people read all kinds of garbage philosophy year after year and have a horrible moral foundation. Some people read great books and are still horrible atheists or angry ignorant social justice warriors. An illiterate person can have a tremendous moral foundation. Books only help people who are already properly formed and who can handle various books. A well-formed person could read anything and see the good and bad in any work. So many people today are all about political correctness and follow all kinds of modern ideas that were widely denounced in the past (e.g. Voltaire).

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