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Monday, August 31, 2020


Melissa F.

Well, for starters, you ARE a writer. BI enjoy your blog tremendously, even though this may be the only time I've ever commented. As someone who could have written this and shares many of the same feelings at 51, I understand these feelings so very well. And I'm struggling to find the answers. I signed up for 2 writing courses in August and completed nothing from either one. The answer, I think, is in the age-old advice people tell folks like us: schedule the time, journal, write every day, allow yourself to do shitty first drafts. But that belief thing, combined with all the other life responsibilities? It's huge.

Valerie HYDER

Amy, Your writing always resonates with me. What you put in words, so eloquently, often mirror what I am going through. This time of our lives, grown children, wondering what we did right and wrong, and who or what we are supposed to be now fill my nights with sleeplessness. My father said to me once, "You will always be the best you can be at the time." Sometimes, that isn't enough for the world, but it has to be for ourselves. Become a writer, your words are needed.

Jill McKenna

Just write. Write, write, write, write like it's the air you breathe. Find a compatible group of writers -- a writers' circle -- and submit your stuff. Listen to the critiques, think about them, consider them, and DO NOT CONSIDER THEM GOSPEL TRUTHS.

Let it pour out of you until the writing becomes automatic. Do ten-minute exercises (just write for ten minutes without stopping, even on those blocked days when you think you have "nothing to say").

You are good. I have absolutely no connection to you whatsoever and I read every blog post you make. That tells me something about your voice and the quality of your content.

I wish you nothing but the best -- peace and joy and a feeling that you're following your star!

Carmen Pauls Orthner

FWIW, I find your blog posts fascinating reading, and especially like your personal musings/reflections. If you don’t have a fictional story burning to be told, what about putting together a collection of life essays??


Amen to what everybody said already. You ARE a writer. I LOVE reading your thoughts. I hope you will publish your essays. Oh, and I want to read the essay you wrote for that book. And ALSO amen to what YOU wrote about all the good and wonderful things you HAVE done. You are remarkable!


I agree with everyone above. You are a writer. I love reading what you write. You manage to convey in words what I feel but don't know how to articulate. Do what they say : join a writing group - an online one to get away from the religeous stuff around you, do the assignments, write for ten minutes everyday. Get up earlier, go to bed later, turn off the TV and use the time to write. You may have another 50 years in you. Just start. Please.

Tracie Claiborne

I kind of had the opposite thing happen recently.

We met up with our friends of 30 years, two married couples, who we hadn't seen in quite some time. One couple is very wealthy and successful. She is an RN and he is an executive. The other couple, the wife does not work and the husband is an civilian airplane mechanic for the Air Force.

When last we spent time together, I was in the corporate world so I related more to the first couple. Now that I am not, I hit it off better with the wife that stays home because she is an Instagrammar who shares her incredible gift for decorating her home.

They both asked me about my life and I was filling them in and thinking about what I have done for the last 20 years, since I've been around them. As I gave them the highlights, I felt a little bit guilty to share my story because it sounded pretty great! It went like this...I raised the world's best human (and like you, Amy, about half the time doing so I felt like I sucked as a Mom, but she's a great human), I create hand lettering, scrapbooking and art, I live for decorating, I go antiquing and wandering in the woods and I sing with my friend sometimes and I go hear Mike play music and I just have the happiest life ever when it's not 2020. As I told them all this, I could see in their faces a bit of longing for a life maybe they hadn't thought of! One not based on money - but passionate pursuits. My life seemed pretty amazing even to me as I described it and the reason I see my life in the way I described it is because I choose to find the good in the midst of all the pain. I choose to celebrate the best of my life and kind of ignore the worst.

I could have said, "well I have a new, secondary, heart condition and I own a business but I don't really do with it what I should because I'm in so much pain every day that a lot of time I don't get out of bed." But I didn't mention that because I refuse to let any of that define me. It is crucial for my peace of mind that I define myself in terms of the happiest moments of my life. I have to focus on that.

So I only told you that because as you told me today, you plan to live 50 more years and in this day of self promotion - what are you waiting for? You have this one glorious life! You're in good health, right? You're a brilliant writer! I'm sitting here at 2 am, reading your blog because it's always engaging and well written. Write!! Self publish a book. If my 16 year old can - you can! Put it for sale on Amazon. Sell it to your friends. Sell it here. As everyone above me said...just write a little each day. You know what to do.

You can do it! Then one day, you'll see that woman again, or someone like her, and when you tell them about your life, their eyes will light up in wonder that you, Amy Sorensen, are a WRITER. That sounds so mysterious and amazing.

Tracie Claiborne

PS: If someone asked me who you are, I would say, "Who? Oh that lady over there with the cute smile? That's my friend, Amy. She is a BRILLIANT writer. I love her scrapbooking too but I always enjoy her storytelling more than just about anyone in our industry. She's really kind and easy to talk to. She's super outdoorsy and healthy: I envy her discipline. She is a librarian and gets to be surrounded by books all day - can you imagine? She's also married to a great guy and has four gorgeous kids. They live near Salt Lake City where it is so incredibly beautiful. She's a lucky girl."


Catching up with blog posts. Love this one and it made me think about how I'd answer that question (have not articulate the answer though, and would never be able to do it as well as you have done). Just a thought - Mary Wesley didn't publish the first of her many novels for adults until she was 73 (she had two or three novels for children published a few years earlier). I'm not suggesting you wait that long but you'd have many years in hand if you were emulating Mary!

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