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Tuesday, September 22, 2020



Wow. What a challenging situation for you. I've been following your blog for years (maybe from Everyday Reading?) and have developed a greater appreciation for librarians when I hear about interactions with tricky individuals and unusual behind-the-scenes work.

When we heard the library was closing back in March, my children and I came in the last night to check out as many books as possible...still not enough! And while we understood the reasons for closure and own many books too, the closure was even harder as we were home with fewer of our usual routines. Books have been a lifeline for us together and individually. While not everything's back to pre-closure, I'm grateful each week I've been able to pick up new books for our family and try to thank any staff in my interactions. I imagine there are lots of grateful patrons and don't want to minimize your experience...who knows what else was going on for that patron but it doesn't excuse what seems like semi-personal attacks. Oh, people are the best and the worst. Thanks for your work!

Cindy deRosier

Wow. I am so impressed that you remained professional. Librarians are some of the least selfish people I know. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Oh what an a*s*h*l*! You were AMAZING!

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