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Monday, November 30, 2020


Cindy deRosier

Even though almost nothing you've written here is true of me, so much of it resonates with me. Your posts always make me think.


I appreciate your raw honesty and your continued search for authentic faith and wholeness. You are an inspiration to me to dig deeper, look wider, and question much.


agree with what the other two commented. I feel like I might of your tribe - at least through social media we know we are not alone. That there are others like us who struggle to belong, who are trying to be enough 'for me'. Hope today is a good one for you.


I confess I stalk your blog because I love your authenticity and how brave and honest and real you are, here and on social media. You inspire me and I wish we could have more conversations because I feel such a strong connection to your writing and just to you as a person! Your energy is very emotional and powerful, and I admire you so much. I think there is a hollowness, a loneliness, and a fake side to a lot of social media because the alternative is too scary and people are afraid of getting hurt and being vulnerable. I have had to join a lot of Facebook groups (for moms, librarians, post-Mormons, etc.) to find people who are more open about themselves because they feel safer in a smaller group to say things that their relatives or life-long friends might judge them for.



Margot MacGillivray

I'm happy to share tribal affiliation with you - and I'd never have found that without social media (even if I made the initial connection through your teaching).
I think being 'good enough for me' is a wonderful mantra and I'm going to chant that next time I need one!
I love you, every knobbly, difficult bit of you! I'm so glad we found each other!

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