Sunday Funny

Kaleb's been playing with Haley's box of Petshops quite a bit lately. He has a tableaux of sorts, Petshops set carefully around Flo's Diner (from the Cars movie). These, he told me, are the Hero Petshops. I asked him what the hero's powers were, and he explained some of them. The zebra can fly, and the crab can clip things with his claws, and the horse is a super smeller.

I picked up a pink bunny with a yellow rainhat on, who was at the very top of the display. "What's the bunny?" I asked, adjusting the hat.

"Oh, the bunny is very important," he said, in a very solemn voice. "That's Jesus Christ, and He is the Savior of our world."

Me Too, Buddy

Kaleb, while swirling in wobbly circles across the driveway:

"This is so much fun! I wish Jake and Nathan were little like me, and had to wait until Tuesday to go to school, and they were just little, so they could go in circles, and be my little best friends."



those Costco muffins are big and soft, but they're not quite pillows:

K muffin

(he's holding part of his muffin in his hand next to his neck. This is the way he holds his Blanket, too.)

When I pried the muffin out of his hand, he had melted chocolate chips in his ear.

A Quick Funny...

while I am working on a longer post.

The Bigs and I were playing Uno tonight. Kaleb was playing with his toys at the table with us. Haley put down a card and said "Uno!"

"Dos!" said Kaleb, not even looking up from his Rescue Heroes.

"Tres!" said Jacob, giggling.

"Costco!" said Kaleb.

Apparently the counting-in-Spanish thing from preschool got lost in translation...