Books Week!

I just finished Mockingjay. I'd really like to blog about it RIGHT NOW, but as I skipped my long run last week (I was feeling all "I'm a horrible mom and have no positive impact upon my kids and I cannot stand to be alive" so I went back to bed instead of running) I MUST run today. I'll blog about it another day, but until then something I am excited about:

Book week at Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Who wouldn't love a combination of scrapbooking and reading? Well, I guess anyone who doesn't love either reading or scrapbooking, or both. But, if you like either you should check it out. Now I am going to slog around in the heat for a bit. 

Write. Click. Scrapbook. Blog Hosting

I've been so busy this week blogging at the Write. Click. Scrapbook blog that I have overlooked my own blog! If you are of the scrapperly sort, you might head over and check out my posts over there. I'm blogging all week (well...what is left of it!) about preserving some details of your life RIGHT NOW (a la my last randomalities post.) Right at this very second. And even if you aren't a scrapperly sort, you can use some of the ideas on your blog. (The summer survey could be turned into an instant meme, just with a quick copy & paste.)

Anyway. If you've been wondering where I've you are in the loop!